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  Writing in his blog yesterday, Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun-wah criticised opposition lawmakers for addicting to filibustering, advising them to "repent and be saved" for the sake of people's livelihood and welfare.

  It could be said that John Tsang has gone to great pains to offer his advice by quoting the Buddhist tenet: The sea of bitterness has no bounds, repent and the shore is at hand  (be saved).  However, for the trio filibustering lawmakers, Leung Kwok-hung, Albert Chan Wai Yip and Raymond Chan Chi-chuen, this is just like talking of ice to a butterfly.  For, the trio does not regard filibustering as a bitter labour but instead does it as a pleasure.  Looking at the Long Hair's disgusting, cynical appearance shamelessly doing filibuster and keeping asking to ring the bell to count heads, how is it possible that he would "repent and be saved" one day?

  John Tsang is a serious, professional financial official, who normally seldom talks about politics.  But now seeing how the opposition unscrupulously jeopardises public interests to attain their end by fair means or foul, it is too much for him to endure.  Days ago, when he was interrupted by Long Hair while delivering a speech at the Legislative Council (Legco), Tsang showed his disgust and contempt by telling the latter to "get lost".  His move won praises from various sectors.  Although it is government officials' duty to respect the legislature, respect is not meant to make unprincipled compromises.  John Tsang is worthy of praise and support for being able to step forward bravely time and again at a crucial moment to rebuke the wrongdoing of filibustering.

  As a matter of fact, as pointed out by John Tsang, filibuster is being done so rampantly that it now almost comes to such a vicious stage that every meeting in Legco would be filibustered.  Let's take some current examples.  The Budget bill is being filibustered at the full Legco meetings, the bill on expanding landfills and building an incinerator is being filibustered at meetings of the Legco Public Works Subcommittee, and the initial funding application for the development of North East New Territories is being filibustered at meetings of the Legco Finance Committee.  In this way, whenever there is a funding application by the government being discussed at a Legco meeting, regardless of at what level, it is being filibustered.  Filibuster is really being done rampantly and excessively.  Filibuster originally is a procedure and means in so-called representative democracy, enabling the legislature to adhere to something against the administration.  A year ago, when Long Hair and others began to filibuster the first time, it somewhat seemed in this way.  However, down to today, they simply filibuster against anything and everything.  In their hands, filibuster has lost its meaning of debating and adherence but fallen into a meaningless and malicious means for making "political shows".  Their filibuster is meant for nothing but to achieve their purpose of obstructing the government's administration.

  Taking for example their ongoing filibustering, the Budget is to require funds for recurrent expenditures for this fiscal year, but Long Hair and his ilk insist that the government must implement a universal pension scheme first.  The former is a "routine affair" that is not so much controversial.  But launching a universal pension scheme is a big issue with the butterfly effect, and thus should be thoroughly consulted and carefully considered, which could not be done in a couple of Legco sessions.  If it is not to deliberately make trouble by tying the two issues together and insisting on filibustering if there is no universal pension scheme, what else explanation for this can there be?

  With Long Hair and his ilk's abuse of filibuster, evil consequences begin to arise.  The Budget bill seems unlikely to be passed (in time) and provisional appropriation can only last until end of May.  "God of Fortune" has already asked all government departments to immediately review their cash flow and work out countermeasures.  For this, some departments have to turn long-term deposits into short-term one, suffering losses of interest-incomes in millions of dollars.  More seriously, as filibuster is being done at the Legco meeting at various levels, the Legco now suffers a "big traffic jam".  There are 30 to 40 government proposals waiting to be scrutinized and approved, but the current Legco session only has two months to go.  Even if it speed up and work overtime, it can hardly make it.

  Affected by Long Hair and his ilk's evil deed of filibustering, Legco's operation is on the verge of becoming out of control and paralysed, while the government has difficulties in its administration and people's welfare is hurt.  The will of a handful of lawmakers now completely domineers over all lawmakers and the overall interests of citizens.  There are complaints in the legislature and curses in society.  How come such a distorted and unjust situation is not corrected?  How long the government, citizens and other lawmakers have yet to endure this?